Chair of the Board – Abrar Alam

Abrar is in his fourth year of the science psychology specialization program. This is also his fourth year with TeamUP Science. As Chair, he works to maintain the cohesiveness of our group through upholding the constitutional values across all our branches. In the past, he served as VP Events and executive director (events and external). What Abrar enjoys most about TeamUP Science is its ability to excite students interested in many different STEM fields and create impactful changes for them. In his spare time, he enjoys watching the NBA and going for runs.


Student Group Advisor – Jaylin Hebert

Jaylin is in the fourth year of her Bachelor of Education. She has been volunteering for TeamUP Science for the last four years, mainly as apart of the external team as a Director of Public outreach and also VP External but also in helping in other areas of the group. She has enjoyed working with TUS to help connect science to students’ lives and excite them to learn more. In her spare time, you can find Jaylin playing with her dog or hanging out with her family.


Chair of Grants – Jason Wang

Jason is a 5th year general sciences student majoring in Biological Sciences. He has volunteered with TeamUp Science since 2018 as a lab TA for the Interdisciplinary Science Competition. His current role includes applying for grants and awards so that TeamUP Science can continue offering science opportunities to youths. In his spare time, you can find Jason climbing the competitive ladder in Overwatch.

Chair of Innovations – Jaslyn Rasmuson

IMG_7353.jpg Jaslyn is in her fourth year of the honours physiology program, where she is currently researching the effect of a genotype in cardiovascular disease for her thesis project. Jaslyn has been involved in TeamUP Science for four years in various roles, including Vice President External, Director of Public Outreach, and YSIC Director of Task Design. This is Jaslyn’s second term as Chair of Innovation. Coming from a small town herself, she is proud to be working on expanding TeamUP Science to Augustana campus.  Jaslyn hopes to continue to expand TeamUP Science Canada-wide. In her free time, you can find Jaslyn furiously knitting blankets or binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Chair of SPEC – Anna Romero

Anna is in the third year of her BA Psychology Honors degree, where she is in a lab looking into visual perspective and autobiographical memories. Her previous positions with TeamUP Science include being the Outreach Director for SPEC, SPEC Logistics Coordinator, and VP of SPEC. As Chair of SPEC, she hopes to find a way to keep SPEC running every summer and retain campers. Anna is also part of the UAlberta Rowing Club, and will sometimes top rope in her spare time, but if she’s not doing that, you’ll catch her watching Netflix!