This school year the Computer Science Workshop will be going online and will run as a weekend session spanning October 24th to November 29th for a total of 6 weekends. This event is open to junior high school students, high school students, university students, and anyone else who wishes to pick up a hobby or some skills in coding. The workshop will feature a beginner class (which runs on Saturday sessions from 10AM-1PM) and an intermediate class (which will run on Sunday sessions from 10AM-1PM). The entire workshop is led and ran by undergraduate students in the Computer Science program at the University of Alberta who are experienced with the Python language and are enthusiastic about teaching! 

The cost of the event is 5$ which will give you access to all 6 weekends. We also provide a bursary program. You can sign up for the Computer Science Workshop here:

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact

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