Started in 2013, the Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC) prides itself in being TeamUp Science’s oldest event, and the first STEM-focused competition aimed at high school students of all social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. The mandate of TeamUp Science is to create cultivate scientific imagination, curiosity, and leadership in all youth, especially those which are under-represented (inner-city, rural, differently-abled, and Aboriginal), in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This year, ISC is held on February 14-16, 2020. The event starts on the afternoon of Friday, February 14, and runs until the evening of Sunday, February 16.


ISC is divided into 2 streams: exploratory and competitive. Students registering will have the opportunity to choose which stream they wish to participate in. Students registering in each stream will be selected differently.


Aimed at students wanting to explore different sciences at a post-secondary level, but are unsure of whether to pursue it as a degree. This stream offers a more guided, relaxed but still competitive atmosphere. Innovative thinking, technical laboratory skills, and knowledge application are emphasized. A strong science background is not required.

Note: Please do not choose this stream if you have advanced knowledge of science (have taken multiple science courses in AP or IB)


Aimed to challenge students who have already completed 20-level, or AP/IB science courses in a competitive, and multi-disciplinary environment. This stream pushes students to apply their knowledge in a university setting, and an emphasis is placed on developing independence and critical thinking skills.

Additionally, students will be able to participate in a networking and meet-and-greet event on Friday afternoon, listen to a keynote speaker, and participate in a number of STEM-related workshops throughout the weekend. These workshops can include 3D printing, psychology, and more!


Awards are given out to students finishing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Competitive streams based on highest overall grades. Separate Exploratory awards are distributed based on Best Organization, Best Technique, Most Innovative Central Case, and Jack of All STEM.

Registration Cost

Cost: $50 for the 3-day competition, and an additional $50 for 2-night accommodation (for out-of-town students).

Subsidization of competition cost and travel bursaries are available as per financial need.