Started in 2013, the Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC) prides itself on being TeamUp Science’s oldest event, and the first STEM-focused competition aimed at high school students of all social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. The mandate of TeamUp Science is to create cultivate scientific imagination, curiosity, and leadership in all youth, especially those which are under-represented (inner-city, rural, differently-abled, and Aboriginal), in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Keep your eyes open for ISC 2021 dates!


Previous ISC events have been divided into different streams of competitive and exploratory. This year, we have removed the concept of streams to encourage all students to look at the different sciences with a competitive and exploratory spirit. This year students will be placed into labs with no differences based on pre-existing skill level other than the computer science labs. We made this decision this year along with other decisions in our planning process to decrease the emphasis placed on background knowledge. Instead, we would like to see all students’ interdisciplinary innovation.

Additionally, students will be invited to participate in a break-out session along with icebreaker activities on Friday evening, listen to a keynote speaker, and participate in a number of STEM-related workshops throughout the weekend. These workshops can include 3D printing, psychology, and more!


Awards will be given to the teams finishing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall in each lab. Lab marks will be calculated based on the combination of both laboratory assignments along with each lab subject’s component of the Central Case. Additional awards will be given out for: Most Enthusiastic, Most Innovative, and Most Interdisciplinary.

Registration Cost

Cost: $50 for the 3-day competition, and an additional $50 for 2-night accommodation (for out-of-town students).

Subsidization of competition cost and travel bursaries are available as per financial need.