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Engineering Workshop

New this year, the EW provides a unique opportunity to experience engineering first hand and is open to all high school students. Whether engineering has been a lifelong dream or just something you would like to learn more about, join us for our 3 hour workshop. The EW will feature 6 unique fields within engineering so that participants can learn more about what makes each field unique and will be run by people within that field. The Engineering fields covered by the workshop are outlined below!  Space for the workshop is limited so register early! The Engineering Workshop is held in Edmonton, Alberta at the University of Alberta.

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Applications Open!

Student Registration - March 25th, 2017

Material Engineering (MATE)

Materials engineers analyze and develop products at the microscopic level to create materials that are lighter, stronger, and more durable. They work to make existing technologies even better through optimizing materials. In this workshop, you will learn how to make the most out of materials you can find at home!

Mechanical Engineering (MECE)

Mechanical engineers find ingenious ways to create and optimize systems of moving parts, from rocket ships to pump systems. In this workshop, you will learn how to use mechanical principles in order to create easier ways to accomplish tasks.


Civil/Environmental Engineering (CIVE/ENVE)

Civil and Environmental engineers impact the way we live through their knowledge and advancements in structural technology. Their work is present in buildings, bridges and roads everywhere across the world. In this workshop, you will learn how the structures we use and enjoy are built.


Electrical/Computer Engineering (ECE/CMPE)

Electrical and Computer Engineers work with systems, programs, and communications in order to control everything from data to processes to electrical power. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of using circuits and systems.


Mining/Petroleum Engineering (MINE/PETE)

Mining and Petroleum engineers create innovative ways to use the resources of the Earth effectively and sustainably. In this workshop, you will learn the ways resources can be extracted and refined.


Chemical Engineering (CHEE)

Chemical Engineers use ingenuity in chemical processing to create substances and materials that we enjoy, use, and even eat! In this workshop, you will learn how substances and materials can be created.