How Will You Combine Biology, Biochemistry and Physics? Experience hands-on science at the next level.



The Interdisciplinary Science Competition, abbrev. ISC, is the first science competition for high school students that combines Biology, Chemistry and Physics in a university setting. Students work in teams of two to complete a series of hands-on experiments that will provide a holistic answer to the challenge presented. ISC provides a up-close and personal view of what science has to offer at the post-secondary level by exposing experimental technique ubiquitous in research and industry.

Experience Hands-On Science at the University.

At the ISC, you will encountered some of the most interesting concepts, taken from what you have learned in high school, and extended into practical experiments that brings solutions to real-world problems. Adapted from first-year curriculum of post-secondary undergraduate studies, the experiments at ISC provide a real perspective as to what science entails at the University level.

The ISC is All-Inclusive.

Unlike other science programs, requirement for the ISC is not based on academic performance in school. In order to participate in ISC, you simply have to be a high school student who has a strong interest or desire to learn more about advanced sciences. The ISC selection committee will not take into account of your academic average but a keen interest in the sciences must be demonstrated by your application.