The People Who Put the Team In TeamUP Science

TeamUP Science is run by a team of passionate University of Alberta students. From the Youth STEM Innovate Program to the classroom talks that take place in high schools all across Alberta, the executive team of TeamUP Science plans, advertises, and host events that inspire youth in the fields of STEM.

Without our executive team, their respective directors, and our general volunteers, TeamUP Science would be unable to work towards our mandate of cultivating scientific imagination, curiosity, and leadership abilities of youth.


Kevin Ma is currently a student in the Faculty of Science majoring in Biological Science with a minor in Economics. Outside of academics, Kevin enjoys working with youth in areas of STEM to show them that no, science isn’t just memorizing odd facts punctuated by the odd explosion in a chemistry lab. You can often find Kevin reading the New York Times (he feels the Bern), learning how to make edible food, or rereading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. Kevin tries to live life with the belief that one must always assume complete responsibility for present and future circumstances without complaint. However, when the line for Panda Express gets too long, Kevin can’t help but mutter a few complaints under his breath.