The People Who Put the Team In TeamUP Science

TeamUP Science is run by a team of passionate University of Alberta students. From the Youth STEM Innovate Program to the classroom talks that take place in high schools all across Alberta, the executive team of TeamUP Science plans, advertises, and host events that inspire youth in the fields of STEM.

Without our executive team, their respective directors, and our general volunteers, TeamUP Science would be unable to work towards our mandate of cultivating scientific imagination, curiosity, and leadership abilities of youth.

President – Kevin Ma 

Kevin Ma is currently a student in the Faculty of Science majoring in Biological Science with a minor in Economics. Outside of academics, Kevin enjoys working with youth in areas of STEM to show them that no, science isn’t just memorizing odd facts punctuated by the odd explosion in a chemistry lab. You can often find Kevin reading the New York Times (he feels the Bern), learning how to make edible food, or rereading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. Kevin tries to live life with the belief that one must always assume complete responsibility for present and future circumstances without complaint. However, when the line for Panda Express gets too long, Kevin can’t help but mutter a few complaints under his breath.



VP Events – Abrar Alam

Abrar is not to be mistaken for the one on the left of the photo. He is currently in his second year of the physiology program. Being someone who likes to plan and brainstorm ideas, he found the events committee to be a perfect fit for him. What Abrar enjoys most about TeamUp Science is its ability to excite students interested in many different STEM fields. When he is not pulling his hair out in the John W. Scott library, Abrar enjoys going for long runs and having stimulating conversations with his Amazon Alexa. His favourite movie is Monsters Inc.




VP YSIP – Marissa Zhang

Hi! I’m Marissa and I’m currently in my second year of Biological Sciences. I have a passion for science and working with kids which is perfect because that’s exactly what YSIP is. I can’t wait to work together with TeamUp Science to provide cool science experiments for inner city junior high students! In my spare time I like petting cats, adventuring and eating good food.






VP Communication – Jason Lee

Jason Lee is currently a student pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Arts Psychology. Being an arts major, his passion for science may be comparatively lacking but he makes up for it in his altruistic character, trying to help those who want to help themselves and learn. Balancing school, work, church and volunteering duties, Jason still finds time to seek out the best food spots around Edmonton, with a solid belief that food is the true happiness to life.




VP SPEC – Anna Romero

This is Anna Romero, the Vice President of SPEC for the 2018/2019 year! She has been a part of SPEC since it first started running by being a participant in the camp herself, where she found the path she wanted to take. When she got into University, she took part in being a Director for Outreach for SPEC where she tried to reach out to a wide group of students, along with creating some activities of her own. This then led her to work in the summer for the camp to execute the planning she’s taken part in. Her experiences in SPEC helping her run it with this passion and belief in its ability to help students realize their potential in STEM, no matter their circumstances. Furthermore, she strongly believes in the interdisciplinary nature of science and encourages students to join all 3 camps to explore their options!




VP External Outreach – Jaslyn Rasmuson

Jaslyn Rasmuson is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Science in Honors Physiology. Coming from a small town herself, she is extremely passionate about making science accessible and fun for students of all backgrounds. Jaslyn loves spreading her love of science to every corner of the province and inspiring others to pursue their passions as well. She loves being active in the community and helping out any way she can! You can find her studying with friends, dancing, or drinking tea from her extensive David’s Tea collection, but only when there’s no Tim Horton’s around for her to feed her steeped tea double double addiction!



VP Finance – Luke David

Luke David is a second year Bachelor of Commerce student with a major in Accounting and a minor in Management Information Systems. Outside of academics, Luke enjoys hanging out with his family and friends, and also travelling when he finds the free time. You can often find Luke attempting to play basketball and volleyball with his friends. However, he is most likely at the second floor of Cameron Library procrastinating. He loves to meet new friends, so if you see him walking around the campus, don’t be afraid to say hello and teaching him your favourite scientific facts!




VP ISC – Michelle Wang

Michelle Wang is a third-year Physiology student at the University of Alberta, transferring into Computing Science. She has a passion for education, and works to make technology and coding accessible to everyone. She has been involved with ISC for two years, and hopes to expand its reach in the future. In her spare time, you can find Michelle chasing after buses, poaching eggs, and making avocado toast.