The People Who Put the Team In TeamUP Science

TeamUP Science is run by a team of passionate University of Alberta students. From the Youth STEM Innovate Program to the classroom talks that take place in high schools all across Alberta, the executive team of TeamUP Science plans, advertises, and host events that inspire youth in the fields of STEM.

Without our executive team, their respective directors, and our general volunteers, TeamUP Science would be unable to work towards our mandate of cultivating scientific imagination, curiosity, and leadership abilities of youth.

President – Marissa Zhang 

Hi! I’m Marissa and I’m currently in my fourth year of Biological Sciences. I have a passion for science and working with youth, which probably explains why I have stuck with TeamUP Science for four years! I can’t wait to work together with my team to provide engaging and interesting science events for the youth of Edmonton. In my spare time I like petting cats, adventuring and eating good food.



VP Events – Abrar Alam

Abrar is currently in his third year of psychology. Being someone who likes to plan and brainstorm ideas, he found the events committee to be a perfect fit for him. What Abrar enjoys most about TeamUp Science is its ability to excite students interested in many different STEM fields. When he is not pulling his hair out in the John Scott Library, Abrar enjoys going for long runs and having stimulating conversations with his Amazon Alexa. His favourite movie is Monsters Inc.




VP YSIP – Leslie Guo

Hi!! My name is Leslie and I’m a second year student studying Pharmacology. I really enjoy the hands on side of science as well as teaching! I found YSIP the perfect place for me to pursue these passions. The students and teachers I’ve met continue to inspire me every day. I’m super excited for what this year and this team has to offer. Outside of that, I love to run (away from my problems), eat McDonalds ice cream (and ignore my lactose intolerance), and communicate through How I Met Your Mother Quotes 🙂




VP YSIC – Jessica Bennett

Jessica is in her third year of the Cell Biology Honors program. She has been a part of TUS since her first year, when she pitched the idea for YSIC. Jessica is passionate about engaging her artistic side in her STEM pursuits, and has been involved in STEAM advocacy for the past 5 years. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing the flute and piccolo, and attempting to replicate MasterChef dishes!



VP SPEC – Anna Romero

This is Anna Romero, the Vice President of SPEC for the 2018/2019 year! She has been a part of SPEC since it first started running by being a participant in the camp herself, where she found the path she wanted to take. When she got into University, she took part in being a Director for Outreach for SPEC where she tried to reach out to a wide group of students, along with creating some activities of her own. This then led her to work in the summer for the camp to execute the planning she’s taken part in. Her experiences in SPEC helping her run it with this passion and belief in its ability to help students realize their potential in STEM, no matter their circumstances. Furthermore, she strongly believes in the interdisciplinary nature of science and encourages students to join all 3 camps to explore their options!


VP External Outreach – Jaylin Hebert

Jaylin is in her third year of Secondary Education majoring in chemistry and minoring in math. Jaylin is passionate about creating opportunities for youth to be involved in and become more passionate about science. With TeamUP Science students can find a variety of events that interest them and grow their curiosity. Jaylin enjoys hanging out with friends, drinking tea and exploring.



VP Finance – Eric Chao

Eric Chao is currently in his 4th year of the General Science program, majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Business. Having been a TA for ISC for the past 2 years, he is very happy to contribute more to the TeamUp programs and events. When he has free time, he enjoys playing basketball and watching funny movies/TV shows. He is very passionate about sports in general, and would love to meet new friends if you see him around!




VP ISC – Teresa Nguyen-Pham

Teresa Nguyen-Pham is currently a fourth year Pharmacology student in the Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta. She has a passion for the sciences and aims to promote science opportunities to youths everywhere and from all backgrounds. Teresa has worked with TeamUP Science’s Interdisciplinary Science Competition for three years and hopes to make this year’s ISC just as inspiring as the rest. When she has some down time, you can find her eating poke or sushi, chatting away somewhere on campus, or sleeping at John W. Scott library.



Executive Director of ISC – Jing Huang

Jing is in her first year of a Doctor of Pharmacy program after spending two years in a Bachelor of Science, Honours Pharmacology. She is both passionate about Science itself but also the diversity of opportunities STEAM can provide beyond what’s commonly known. You can find her usually running around campus like a chicken with her head cut off or at Tim Hortons.



Executive Director of External – Sumin Lim

Hi! I’m Sumin and currently studying physiology (in second year). This year I have the pleasure of working with TUS as the Executive Director of External, in the previous year I’ve also worked with External team of TUS but with a different position. I like to work with external team because I just love the whole mission of TUS of ‘inspiring youth everywhere’ and I love advocating for every programs/workshops that TUS offers. Outside of TUS and university, I enjoy a night off and watch Netflix in my bed all night long…