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What We Strive Towards


Our mandate is to cultivate scientific imagination, curiosity and leadership abilities of youth, especially those are under-represented (Inner City, Rural and Aboriginal), in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by providing innovative hands-on learning, guided mentorship and interactive networking. We work with post-secondary institutions and community science groups to centralize resources and build unique approaches to science learning. Through our programs, youth engage with mentor scientists who will provide guidance towards advanced education in Science and Technology.

History & Context


TeamUP Science was developed by three student researchers at the University of Alberta, Jacqueline Ha, Danny Huang and Amit Persad, during the Summer of 2011.

 We have worked together as a team for the past two years, investigating a potent cancer promoting protein called beta-catenin. As research assistants, we have ventured into the unknown trying to understand the pathology of cancer. Our experiences include presenting our research studies at various local, provincial, national and international conferences and competitions. The development of TeamUP Science was inspired by our experiences and achievements in the research labs at the University of Alberta.

We both understand and value the power of mentorship, as our own mentors have guided and inspired us to explore our options and pursue intellectually stimulating careers. We both have experiences in teaching high school and undergraduate students about the progression of cancer and the related techniques used to study cancer within a laboratory.  This summer we had the opportunity to train and teach a bright rural Alberta student about the power of research, and how coupling various laboratory techniques with a critical and imaginative eye could lead to innovative and even groundbreaking change. Although our time with the student was short, the student was amazed by the science and the intricacy of research. At the end of her orientation, what struck us the most was her comment that these types of educational opportunities were not available at her high school, nor was she even aware that such opportunities existed beyond the high school level. From this experience, we saw that there was a need for active promotion and exposure of the wonderful opportunities and programs available to Alberta youth in advanced education, especially our under-represented rural and Aboriginal students. 

Our Pillars


TeamUP Science understands the significance of leadership and the importance of self-awareness, passion and purpose that is required to make a difference in community.  TeamUP Science is an organization that brings together like-minded peers to foster strong and lasting networks/relationships between student participants and the community. TeamUP Science strives to develop programs that are structured to inspire student participants by connecting them with mentor-scientists within post-secondary and community institutions. Through our leadership seminars and educational programming, TeamUP Science will work to encourage and support the leadership potential of our participants.  Participants of the TeamUP Science programs will be ambassadors and leaders of the scientific community. They will play a prominent role in bringing experience to their peers and community.


Through TeamUP Science programs, we aim to enhance awareness and access to academic and research programs to all youth in Alberta in order to encourage a culture of sustained learning. We centralize youth-relevant opportunities from a variety of organizations in Canada to provide an accessible and up-to-date database.  TeamUP Science will also focus on supplementing the existing science curriculum with innovative hands-on scientific learning and exposure to the post-secondary academic environment. Our networks and collaborations with University of Alberta Faculty and Graduate/Undergraduate students will provide participants with a unique perspective to the post-secondary experience.


TeamUP Science values the dedication, commitment and creativity that underlie scientific learning and discovery. The core of the scientific method lays reason and logic, where resourcefulness and ingenuity enables the individual to use existing information to develop original research questions and plans. The research experience encourages the learning of skills and principles valuable to academic and personal achievement. TeamUP Science programs will be science and leadership based projects which will bring a holistic and positive view on post-secondary education. Participants will witness the immense application of science and the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork within the sciences. 


TeamUP Science will serve as a resource to maximize the accessibility and awareness of youth and educational programs/organizations, awards, scholarships, and bursaries, for youth to ensure that they are equally exposed to and familiar with the numerous opportunities available to Alberta students.