The Board of Governors, herein known as the BoG, are a body of elected and/or appointed members who are in charge of the Non-Profit Organization TeamUP Science, which is a separate entity from the TeamUP Science Student Groups. As the representatives of the Non-Profit, the BoG is also the employer of all TeamUP Science employees. As part of the duty of the BoG, it oversees and advises the activities of TeamUP Science student groups.

The mission of the BoG is to expand the TeamUP Science Organization to different universities nationally and internationally. The BoG is the central hub for the expansion of TeamUP Science programs and TeamUP Science funding.

Certain programs, such as the STEM Potential Enrichment Camp, fall under the jurisdiction of the BoG.

Chair of the Board

Kim Nguyen-Phuoc is currently a Masters student at the University of Alberta’s Medical Science-Medical Genetics program. She has a history of research in green sea turtle behaviour and is hoping to pursue a PhD in ecogenomics. Before becoming Chair of the Board in TeamUP Science’s Non-Profit division she was in the positions of Director of Biology and Vice-President Interdisciplinary Science Competition in the University of Alberta’s TeamUP student group. As Chair of the Board, she hopes to expand TeamUP Science to other universities in Canada. Kim’s history with science education is more than ten years in the making, where she got her to start volunteering in Calgary’s TELUS World of Science and has gone on to volunteer and work with other science education organizations such as Let’s Talk Science, Halifax’s Discovery Centre, and Mad Science of Southern Alberta. In her free time, Kim likes to leisurely sprint write fiction and watch Friends on loop until she can recite every line from the extended version.

Student Group Advisor

Richard is a first-year medical student at the University of Alberta interested in translational research and global health. Aside from school, Richard is passionate about mentoring others and is committed to causes that advance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) opportunities for youth. Many of Richard’s closest friends call him spontaneous and unique, which he would like to think is a compliment. When not in school or studying, Richard likes taking the time to travel and try new foods, hang out with friends, or watch Netflix.