Our sponsors are instrumental to the success of TeamUP Science each year. We thank our generous sponsors who help enable TeamUP Science to inspire youth in the fields of STEM.

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Syncrude is one of the largest operators in Canada’s growing oil sands industry, with an over 50-year history of innovation. Based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and with a large research and development facility in Edmonton, Syncrude is known for pioneering many of the technologies used today in the industry, including an expanding suite of techniques to improve environmental and economic performance.

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ERA (Electronic Recyling Association) is a non profit organization that collects unwanted electronics to recover and reuse them in order to reduce e-waste! As a major leader in Canada’s recycling sphere, they host youth workshops on computer building, fundraisers for charity and go across and around Canada finding electronics to recycle!

HOW IT ALL BEGAN (A word from their Founder, Bojan Paduh) 

“The idea for the Electronic Recycling Association came to me as the result of an experience I had when I first moved to Canada. My family and I emigrated from Croatia in 1996 and couldn’t bring much with us. Shortly after we settled, the church group that my family and I belonged to gave me a computer. This seemingly small gift had an immeasurable impact on my life. Armed with this precious piece of technology, I began to learn the art of computer science, giving me access to information at the click of a button and the ability to complete school assignments that really stood out.

Later on, I noticed during a trip to the landfill that there were a lot of computers being dumped there. Computers that still had significant useful life in them, a fact I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for that computer I was given as a young adult. I was surprised that people would just throw away working technology, and so I started collecting those dumped computers and fixing them up. It was a hobby for me, but I quickly discovered that people really wanted these computers that I was fixing up, needed them.”

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Our Sponsorship Package

Every year, TeamUP Science interacts with more than 300 high school and junior high students from across Alberta. We are widely renowned across Edmonton and Alberta – committed to increasing awareness and access to educational opportunities and inspiring academic development, scientific imagination, and student leadership.

Our sponsorship package is designed to build mutually beneficial marketing packages with organizations like yours! TeamUP Science offers both individual and combinations of benefits. Some of our benefits include:

  • Tailored posts on social media platforms
  • Direct interactions with students
  • Quarter, half, full-page advertisements in delegate handbooks
  • Personal recognition during both the opening and closing ceremonies for the Interdisciplinary Science Competition

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