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Hello, I am Nikhil, a fourth year student in Psychology Specialization Program. Last year, I served as an External Director and I had a blast so this year I decided to take on a more challenging role and it has been a fantastic experience so far. I am super excited for this year as we have new events coming to TeamUp Science, and I get to work with an amazing team. In my free time, I read about advances in medicine and space technology. I also like to stay informed on topics like politics and business.


Our Team
Hi! I am a fourth year student currently in the Honours Chemistry here at UofA, and I love it! I first started getting involved in science in grade 11, when I did the WISEST program working in entomology. In 12th grade I did the ISC through TeamUP Science and had a blast, which inspired me to join the group in my first year. I am excited to be a lot more involved this school year! When I'm not at school, you can find me at the swimming pool, binge watching Netflix or watching Doctor Who.

VP Communication

Our Team
Hey! My name is Justin, and I'm a student in my third year of an honours degree in neuroscience. My interests include dogs and... well, really only dogs. I got involved with TeamUp in Grade 12 when I attended the ISC, and I am really looking forward to a great year with this amazing organisation!


Our Team
Hi! I'm Kristen, currently in my fourth year of university, majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. I've always been interested in sciences and the curiosities of life, so I'm excited to be able to be part of a team that shares this enthusiasm as well. I'll work very hard to help TeamUP Science be the best it can be! On my free time, I like to draw, play Super Smash Bros or League of Legends, and eat.

VP External

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Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m in second year of my undergraduate science degree, majoring in Biological Sciences. I have always loved science and looked for ways to get involved, from competitions to research projects. I first heard about TeamUP Science when I attended two ISC events, and because I enjoyed the competitions, TeamUP was the first club I joined in my first year. Outside of school I love hiking, playing volleyball and watching both Grey’s and KUWTK.

VP Finance

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Hi, I am Nan, and I am a fourth year student in the Specialization Math & Finance. I am very excited to be the part of TeamUp Science. I like reading and watching videos after class.

VP Events

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Hello! My name is Kaelyn and I am a fourth year student in the bachelor of science program, majoring in biology. I am very excited to be part of the ISC this year and I can’t wait to see what happens this year! I have a passion for science, I competed in the Canada-wide science fair and I spend my summers in research labs. I also enjoy reading and dancing.