Youth Science Innovate Program


Program Vision

There are currently few, if any, opportunities for Edmonton inner city junior high students to explore and become involved with science studies. The goal of the YSIP is to provide a safe, well-rounded, interactive, and supportive after school science program that is in line with the Alberta Education curriculum. Students will expand their knowledge on both scientific procedure and leadership skills in order to prepare them for the Edmonton Regional Science fair. The YSIP intends to provide mentorship in both regular science studies and science fair content.


Program Foundation

The goal of the YSIP is to provide inner city youth with a continuum of learning through an afterschool program that addresses core concepts outlined by the Alberta Education science curriculum in through a project based science program. Each session will have a clear objective to highlight a specific concept in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics through a well-planned hands-on experiment (with clear outcome). The TUS YSIP will work alongside and with elementary and junior high school science teachers to address areas within the curriculum where students require assistance.

In addition to module based learning, each mentor and student pair will work to create a long-term science project throughout the year to answer a scientific objective in accordance with the students’ interest. Students will be mentored throughout their project and will then have the opportunity to participate and present their work at the annual Edmonton Regional Science Fair. Here, students will also meet like-minded peers and build lasting networks with leading scientists in the Edmonton Area. The purpose of this portion of the YSIP program is to encourage and engage youth in the concept of the scientific method, to instill confidence and cultivate leadership skills, and to expose students to the opportunities available to them within Edmonton scientific community.


Current Program

The YSIP is currently operating out of Westmount Junior High on Tuesdays from 3 – 4PM. If you are interested in participating, please keep checking this page for a registration form! Schedules and permission forms can also be found here.

To volunteer, or if you have questions, please contact