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Our Partners

TeamUp Science works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to support our mission to cultivate scientific imagination, curiosity, and leadership abilities of youths. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger communities.

Please contact us via the email below to learn more about our partners.

North Campus:


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Northern Alberta YMCA

YMCA of Northern Alberta is a registered charity dedicated to building healthy communities since 1907. From providing quality child care and supporting people in their health and wellness to providing important housing and community outreach programs, the YMCA of Northern Alberta works to strengthen communities in the Wood Buffalo, Grande Prairie, Edmonton and Red Deer regions.

EDGE Program Nova Scotia

The EDGE pilot program is a job search and readiness program designed for young adults aged 18 to 26 who receive Employment Supports and Income Assistance. The program is the first of its kind in Nova Scotia.

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Free Play For Kids

Free Play is a totally free after school club for 4,000 kids in need. We partner with highly social vulnerable schools in the city. Most of our kids are refugees, newcomers, or Indigenous youth who cannot afford the “pay to play” model of sports or the high cost of childcare. 

But money isn’t the only barrier keeping kids from playing. Even if cost weren’t an issue, many vulnerable children can’t access evening or weekend programs because their families don’t own a vehicle or their parents work the late shift.

The Chrysalis Society

At Chrysalis, we are guided by a vision, where people with disabilities are accepted by and included in society for their ability to contribute and where these individuals have the same rights and privileges as all citizens. Our mission is to provide personalized services to empower individuals with disabilities to accomplish their employment, volunteer, and recreational goals. This is our passion.

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Rural Development Network

RDN supports rural sustainability by filling gaps in service and avoiding unnecessary duplication of services. To accurately identify social issues and find effective solutions for them, we listen to hear and understand each community’s needs and develop solutions in partnership with them. Each solution is tailored to reflect the uniqueness of the residents for whom it was created.


U School

U School is a program run by the University of Alberta Senate that aims to introduce and connect students in grades 4 through 9 from socially vulnerable, Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) and rural communities to the University of Alberta. Classes, with their classroom teachers, attend a week-long immersion experience on campus led by our U School staff team. Their week's schedule is built around the teacher's applicationAlberta curriculum and the many opportunities available at the U of A.‍

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