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Y-STEAM is a brand-new program offered by TeamUP Science in partnership with the Northern Alberta YMCA that aims to engage elementary-age students in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Weekly experiments will be designed for up to 90 students ages 5-12 and performed at 3 different YMCA locations.

Offered at: TBD


High School


Interdisciplinary Science Competition

Started in 2013, the Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC) prides itself on being TeamUP Science’s oldest event, and the first STEM-focused competition aimed at high school students of all social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. ISC hosts university level labs and multiple workshops for high school students, then asks them to apply the knowledge they learned throughout the weekend-long event for the chance to win prizes. 

Offered at:


STEM Potential Enrichment Camp

The STEM Potential Enrichment Camp (SPEC) is a free 6-week summer camp for high school students interested in wanting to explore their potential in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) but may not have the means or chance to do so. Look out for more info when SPEC is running next.

Offered at: TBD


Jr. High


Youth Science Innovate Program

There are currently few, if any, opportunities for Edmonton’s junior high students to explore and become involved with science studies. The goal of YSIP is to provide a safe, well rounded and supportive after school science program that is both within and beyond the Alberta Education curriculum. On a weekly basis, students will expand both their knowledge on scientific theory and capacity for asking critical questions! Some of our volunteers this year are in the fields of neuroscience, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, physiology, and more!

Offered at:


Youth STEAM Innovation Challenge

The Youth STEAM Innovation Challenge (YSIC) is an interdisciplinary competition for junior high students (grades 7-9) that aims to foster creative thinking and teamwork skills. YSIC is a day-long circuit-style competition in which individuals or teams of 2 will be exposed to a series of short and long challenges.

Offered at:


Jr. High and High School


Health Sciences Workshop

The Health Sciences Workshop (HSW) hosted by TeamUP Science is a unique event that allows high school students to explore the different characteristics, expertise, and techniques of the many medical sciences. Students will delve into activities centered around fields like dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and medical laboratory, while at the same interacting with current students in some of those medical professions. Our unique online workshop will include interesting stations, thrilling challenges, and team based activities! 

Offered at:


Engineering Workshop

Engineering is a unique field rooted in understanding the interconnectedness between all things, and how to build from them! To give students a taste of what this feels like, each year, TeamUp Science hosts a unique workshop with various events centred around teamwork, building, and innovation. The workshop will be run by undergraduate engineering students who are familiar with the field and are able to answer any questions you may have!

Offered at:


Computer Science Workshop

The Computer Science Workshop (CSW) is an event hosted by TeamUP Science that allows participants to get a chance to learn computer science concepts and apply these concepts into developing a final project. Participants will also get a chance to win prizes and awards as well as showcase their final project on the TeamUP Science website and social media platforms such as our facebook and instagram pages.

Offered at:


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