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Upcoming Events at North Campus

Health Sciences Workshop 2023
Feb 04, 8:00 p.m. – Feb 05, 8:00 p.m.
University of, Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, 11405 87 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1C9, Canada
Copy of Land Acknowledgement from TeamUP Science.png

We are located on Treaty 6 territory, traditional lands of the First Nations and Métis people. We recognize the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous peoples and their traditional lands not only in Edmonton but also across Canada. Let this acknowledgement serve as a reminder of our ongoing efforts to recognize, honor, reconcile and partner with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Photo: Wisdom from the Universe, acrylic art on canvas (Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario) created by Christi Belcourt


Who is Christi Belcourt? (Source)

  • She is an award winning Michif or Métis artist who respects Mother Earth and shows this through her art!

lele xiao_edited.jpg

Lele Xiao (she/her)

Lele is in her final year of a Bachelor’s degree in Bilingual Nursing in French and English. During high school, she attended the Medical Sciences Workshop with TeamUP Science, which inspired her to pursue healthcare, and later became a TUS Ambassador in her senior year. She is passionate about interdisciplinary education and growing awareness for the sciences. She is looking forward to creating an inclusive and inspiring atmosphere through TeamUP Science!

Jennifer Yu.png

Jennifer Yu (she/her)
VP Events

Jennifer is in her last year of being a Dietetics Specialization student at the University of Alberta, training to become a Registered Dietitian. She has been involved with TeamUP Science’s Events Team planning and hosting the Health Sciences Workshop, and now she’s back as Vice President Events! What she loves about  TeamUP Science is the opportunity to introduce young, curious minds to all the STEM careers possible in an empowering and supportive environment. In her spare time, you can find her constantly snacking (all food is good food!) and snuggling with her dog, Lucy. If you see her on campus or have a great food recipe, feel free to chat!

Kian Kyars.jpeg

Kian Kyars (he/him) 
VP Finance

Kian Kyars is a second year computer science student at the University of Alberta. He was a Director of Finance during the 2021/22 year, and has now moved to the VP Finance position. In his spare time Kian enjoys spending time in nature or having a campfire with friends.

Our Team

Anna Bailey_edited.jpg

Anna Bailey (she/her)
VP External Outreach

Anna Bailey is in her 5th year completing a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Psychology. She first started with TeamUP Science as a volunteer for YSIC, then as a Director in the External Team, and last year she served as Executive Director of External. Anna is passionate about giving youth an opportunity to explore their interest in science. In addition, she is looking forward to promoting an inclusive and encouraging environment for the External Team to support their mission to engage as many youths as possible in cultivating their scientific curiosity!


Dawn Hau (she/her)
Executive Director External

Dawn is in her third year of the Honors Nursing program at the University of Alberta, and this also marks her third year of involvement with TeamUP Science. After having volunteered as a Social Media Director in her first and second year, she is super excited to continue working with the External Team to expand TeamUP’s outreach efforts and engage more youth in STEAM!

Angie Chen.jpg

Angie Chen (she/her)
VP Youth STEAM Innovation Challenge (YSIC)

Angie is in her 1st year of a PhD in Cancer Sciences at the University of Alberta. She has volunteered with TeamUP Science for the past 3 years as the Director of Demonstrations and Outreach for YSIC and C3. Now, she serves as the VP YSIC and hopes to continue encouraging students to engage with STEAM! During her spare time, Angie enjoys playing video games and baking delicious treats!

Website picture_Nwosu_Heidi_edited_edited.jpg

Heidi Nwosu (she/her)
Executive Director
Youth STEAM Innovation Challenge (YSIC)

Heidi Nwosu is going into her final year of a Bachelor of Science degree in Cell Biology at the University of Alberta! She joined TeamUp Science as a Team Lead for YSIC during her first year of university and now she is excited to be the Executive Director of YSIC. She hopes to continue to create amazing science based challenges and keep YSIC a fun event for everyone!

Daisy Lau_edited_edited.jpg

Daisy Lau (she/her) 
VP Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC)

Daisy is in her fourth year of a Computing Science Specialization in Software Practice degree. After being a director in both the C3 and ISC committee last year, she returns as VP ISC in hopes that she can help continue and make the event a success for future participants! She wants to be able to provide these opportunities for high school students to be exposed to all different fields of science. In her free time, she likes to cook, play board games, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee.


Gwen Nguyen (she/her)
Executive Director
Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC)

Gwen is in the third year of her Biochemistry Honors degree. After having a great time planning the workshops for ISC last year, she decided to come back as Executive Director. She has a deep interest in biomedical research and a love for case competitions so she’s super excited to create a fun and informative event for all participants. In her spare time, Gwen likes hanging out with friends, trying new cookie recipes, and wandering around IKEA. 


Corey Ly (he/him)
VP Youth Science Innovate Program (YSIP)

Corey is an undergraduate engineering student at the U of A. As a science enthusiast ever since elementary school, he deeply values the chance to give back to young creators and provide them with opportunities to explore the world of science through critical thinking, discussion, and hands-on projects. Corey's commitment to mentoring and inspiring the next generation of innovators is personal and unwavering, and he hopes to meet you soon as a participant, volunteer, or organizational collaborator!

Headshot of Moriah Otu.jpg

Moriah Inyang-Otu (she/her)
Executive Director Youth Science Innovate Program (YSIP)

Moriah Inyang-Otu is in her second year of the specialization Biochemistry program and has been a part of TeamUP science for two years. She is currently the executive director for YSIP, and is eager to serve her community by helping TeamUP cultivate aspirations for learning and leadership in their participants. In her free time, Moriah enjoys writing while enjoying a warm chai latte from Remedy!

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