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Interdisciplinary Science Competition 2022


Interdisciplinary Science Competition 2022

Tickets are free this year to make it accessible to all high school students. However, we ask that those that are able to, provide a voluntary contribution of $20 in order to support current and future programming of ISC and other TeamUP Science events. Without this contribution, we will be unable to provide events for future years so we thank those that are able to contribute and support us on this mission!

IMPORTANT: You will receive a registration Google Form at a later date at the email provided that was provided. Please complete the form as you will not be allowed to participate if it is incomplete.

The Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC) is an annual event held at the University of Alberta. High school students from around the province compete in university-level laboratories over a three-day period, in the fields of medical sciences, chemistry, and computer science. In addition to the laboratories, the event features workshops, a student mixer event, and a keynote speaker. Students also create a “central case” project where they use the knowledge they gained from all 3 sciences to answer an overarching question. Prizes will be awarded based on the highest scores on each lab, best central case, the highest aggregate score and other qualities as well!

For ISC 2022, the event will be entirely held online. Labs, workshops, and all aspects will be designed to challenge students despite the physical distance. TeamUP Science's mandate is to inspire innovation and passion in youth everywhere, especially in underrepresented demographics (rural, inner-city, aboriginal).

Many of our labs and workshops prepare students for the rigour and material that is covered in university. By challenging students with this material, it will allow them to have a sneak peek into what it’s like to be assessed at a post-secondary level. Furthermore, this learning is enriched by having a research professor talk about their field of expertise and their educational journey. There will also be many opportunities to talk to university students with a variety of backgrounds in a multitude of science and medical fields.

We have Dr. Joanne Lemieux as the speaker for this year’s ISC. She will be presenting on her research about biophysics and antiviral drug discovery, and her experience and journey to becoming a researcher in STEM.

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