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Only volunteers will be able to access this area. For more information on volunteering for TeamUP Science, please see "volunteer" under "get involved".
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TeamUP Science, a science organization at the University of Alberta, aims to dynamically strengthen the education of youth by providing awareness and access to educational opportunities, and, inspiring academic development, scientific imagination, and student leadership.

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What We Do

We are improving the scientific literacy of all students by centralizing youth-relevant opportunities and providing them in an easily accessible database. We are also innovating in how science is exposed with our Interdisciplinary Science Competition and project-based after-school programs.

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Volunteer With Us

Step into the shoe as a mentor-scientists, whether that is at our science competition, table demonstration or online forum. We are looking for dedicated volunteers who is wanting to be a role model and make a lasting impact on the education of Canadian youth.

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    • "Have you had a mentor who has positively impacted you in innumerable ways – someone who has been instrumental to cultivating your passion in science and technology? This is your chance to be that someone and inspire big dreams."

      Volunteer with TeamUP Science to join among other like-minded individuals who all have a passion to share their knowledge and experience in science for the younger generations.

      Volunteer Information
    • TeamUP Science is a chariable organization that is ran entirely by community volunteers. We are a group of diverse individuals with a passion for improving the scientific literacy of youth in Canada through innovative means.

      Your in-kind support or donation will allow us to continue on providing meaningful programs and further the science education of all youth.

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    • From science competition combining exciting experiments in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to a searchable and filterable database compiling all youth-relevant programs and opportunities, TeamUP Science is dedicated to bringing unique and effective approaches to learning.

      Explore what our programs have to offer and let us know what you think.

      Our Programs
    • TeamUP Science fulfills and further advocates its mission by working collaboratively with community and post-secondary organizations. If your organization would like to develop, maintain and expand our programs to promote scientific literacy and self-confidence of at-risk youth, please do get in touch with us!

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